North Fork Egg Farm, LLC

Welcome to the North Fork Egg Farm


We produce farm fresh, pasture raised eggs on our small scale, self sustaining farm in Southold, New York. You can puchase our eggs at the following locations on the North Fork of Long Island:

  Sang Lee Farm - 25180 Route 48, Peconic, NY
    631 734-7001 (Open seasonally)
     (Check their website for winter hours)

  Orient Country Store - 950 Village Lane, Orient, NY
    631 323-2580 (Open all year)

  Marie Eiffel Market - 184 North Ferry Road, Shelter Island, NY
     631 749-0003 (Open seasonally)
     (Check their website for winter hours)

  The Farm - 59945 Main Road, Southhold, NY
     516 398-8731 (Open seasonally)

  The Giving Room - 52215 Main Road, Southold, NY
     631 765-6670 (Open all year)

    Northville Farms, 5333 Sound Avenue, Riverhead, NY
     631 722-3229 (Open seasonally)
     (This is the most western farm stand to sell our eggs)


You can also enjoy our eggs at the following restaurants:


    North Fork Roasting Company - 55795 Route 25, Southold, NY

     631 876-5450 (open all year)

   The Coffey House Bed and Breakfast - 5705 Main Road,
    East Marion, NY
     631 477-2107 (Open all year)

   Salt Air Cafe - 101 Lido Blvd, Point Lookout, NY
     516 442-5255 (Open all year)


    If you have difficulty finding our eggs at one of these North Fork locations please contact us directly by email,, or telephone at 917 833-2314.

    We raise our hens humanely and they are not caged.  We raise, feed and provide for our hens (who we sometimes call "the girls") in a self-sustaining pasture raised system. Once the chicks are fledged, they live in mobile coops that are mounted on wheels. We move the coops periodically to provide the hens with fresh pasture. We use the grazed areas, which are fertilized with the hens' manure, for gardening, including growing crops for feed for the hens.

    We release the "girls" from their coops early each morning to roam freely on pasture until dusk, when they return to their roost for the night.  

      Although our farm is not certified organic, we feed our hens only certified organic feed supplemented by the grass, bugs, worms, and other critters that they find on their own. We do not feed our hens any hormones or antibiotics. The hens graze on pasture that has been chemical fertilizer and pesticide free since at least 2008. We are proud of our hens and the purity and taste of the eggs they produce.



The North Fork Egg Farm has participated in the North Fork Foodie Tour. One year over 200 people visited our farm while on the tour.

Photo by Laura Luciano/

    Our coops are all mounted on trailers which can be easily moved to provide new pasture for the hens. Rotating the hens' grazing area maintains our free range process.

Advice from the “Girls”

    1.  Store eggs large end up.

    2.  Store eggs in a plastic container or zip lock bag so they retain their moisture.

    3.  Keep eggs on the bottom refrigerator shelf ... never on the refrigerator door.

    4.  Eggs will taste best when eaten fresh, but they can keep well in the refrigerator for 4-5 weeks.

    5.  Never eat raw, cracked or broken eggs.

 To help us, and the world stay green, please recycle your egg cartons.

 The nutritional value of eggs

 1.  Eggs are an inexpensive, single, complete source of protein (12.5 grams per egg)

 2.  Eggs supply all the amino acids essential for humans.

 3.  Eggs supply a range of necessary vitamins and minerals including vitamins A, B6, B12, and E, riboflavin, folic acid, iron, calcium, phosphorus and potassium. The egg is one of the few foods that naturally contains vitamin D.

 4.  Each egg, with slight variations for size, has about 70 calories, with 40 calories from fat.

 5.  A large yolk contains more than two-thirds of the recommended daily intake of 300-mg. cholesterol. But, the good news: a recent study found that the human body may not absorb much cholesterol from eggs.

   Thank you for your support. North Fork Egg Farm

   Marilyn Pasierb & Matthew Bloch

    In October 2014, the North Fork Egg Farm was asked to participate in the Food Network's New York City Food & Wine Festival. Our eggs were featured in a number of egg dishes prepared by renowned Chef, Sue Torres. The guests were served delicious food made with our eggs while Chef Torres explained the origin of the dishes and how they were prepared. The guests also learned about the day to day operation of our farm. There were many questions about our farm and hens.

     We began the North Fork Egg Farm in 2008 with the goal of creating a small scale, self sustaining operation to produce farm-fresh eggs in an area with a rich agricultural tradition, Southold, New York. We started with 30 chicks, and have grown slowly but steadily to meet increasing demand.We now have 2 breeds and approximately 450 hens. In peak production we get approximately 200 dozen eggs per week which we distribute through local markets, CSA's and restaurants.  

    Our eggs also were chosen by Iron Chef Marc Forgione to be featured on the menu of The Long Island Strong Dinner that was held on July 20, 2015 at All'onda Restaurant in New York City.

  The dinner was a Long Island food themed guest chef dinner to celebrate Long Island.

  The dinner featured our eggs in the Bellerose Village Black Pepper Brioche created by Chef Forgione.

  It was reported that, "The egg dish was the favorite of the night."